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AS PARENTS try to minimise their waste, reusable baby care items are on the rise. To help, we've rounded up the best reusable baby wipes available today.

Reusable baby wipes are multipurpose items you can use for wiping a baby's face and hands after meals, as burp cloths and whenever you change baby's nappy.

Just throw them in the washing machine afterwards and repeat (note: they are likely to shrink slightly in the first wash).

Typically, reusable baby wipes are made from cotton terry, cotton flannel or microfibre - materials gentle on the skin that wash easily and are chemical-free.

Before using them, most parents soak them in a boiled water and an essential oil solution so they're ready to use (leave them in an airtight container if possible).

Reusable baby wipes will also likely save you cash in the long run. Some parents use their reusable baby wipes for wiping clean the table after a meal, and most of these double as inserts in cloth nappies when you need.

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A must for anyone contemplating reusable baby wipes, this starter set from Cheeky Wipes has everything you need.

It includes 25 washable terry cotton wipes, a bottle of lavender and chamomile essential oil to soak the nappies in (once baby is older than six weeks), a single-clip box you can open one-handed and a waterproof bag that's useful when out and about.

The reusable wipes have fantastic ratings and reviewers are impressed with how well they clean up wee and poo - with some insisting they do a better job than standard wipes.

Parents also love that they're not 'binning hundreds of wipes' and only using 1-2 of these per baby change.

'We bought the white cotton wipes kit for our 5m old daughter & wouldn't go back to disposables now.

'The kits are brilliant, well made & a great size. Cleaning up poo & wee easily, rather than smearing it around', writes a fan.

A 50% bamboo, 50% cotton blend, these reusable baby wipes will do everything from cleaning up milk spit-ups post-feeds, to wiping your baby's bum.

In addition to using them for wiping baby, customers like them for washing their own faces, as a replacement for kitchen roll, dusting around the house and cleaning up baby after mealtimes.

‘The most fantastic reusable wipes. Blissfully soft and super easy to use.

‘I use these on my young daughter for washing rather than cotton wool. I’d recommend them to anyone in a heartbeat! Wash beautifully and no marks or stains after months of use and no special washing treatment either’, writes a satisfied customer.

Looking to reduce waste in the house? These reusable baby wipes in velvety-soft microfibre and an eye-catching array of colours from Cheeky Wipes should help.

The set of 25 wipes can be used for anything and everything, from eye makeup removal to home cleaning to flannels at bath time... in addition to changing baby.

Note: these microfibre wipes aren't recommended for cleaning poo.

Measuring 15cm x 15cm, they stash easily in any bag when on the go.

Measuring 20cm x 20cm, the larger size of these reusable microfibre baby wipes makes them a smart choice for a range of uses, as they'll remove up to 99% of bacteria.

We like the range of pleasing colours, and there's even a laundry bag included in the set for easy cleaning.

These award-winning wipes have a bevy of fans - just note, they're not recommended for cleaning poo.

Bambino Mio is a respected brand when it comes to reusable nappies and wipes.

These soft cotton wipes can handle poos and pees, sticky hands and grubby faces.

They're free from all chemicals - plus, fans insist they're 'better than using wet wipes' and are especially effective at wiping bums.

Top tip: colour-code your nappy changes by choosing one or two colours and using those to wipe poos.

ImseVimse Organic Cloth Wipes , £13.99 for 12 on Big Green Smile - buy here 

Don't underestimate the power of a pleasing print when wiping up baby's mess.

ImseVimse's reusable baby wipes are made of 100% organic cotton flannel and come in a selection of fun prints.

Use for everything, from removing eye makeup to washing little hands after meals.

These reusable wipes are 100% terry cotton and machine washable. Pick them up during your weekly shop at your nearest Tesco.

They are soft and gentle on baby's skin, are super absorbent and ideal for clearing up all kinds of baby messes.

There are no harsh chemicals — use just water and you're good to go. They come with a spare storage bag and five of each colour so you can use one colour for babies' faces and one for hands.

These knitted bamboo wipes are great for sensitive baby bums.

The wipes come in a larger size then normal wipes and are double-sided, meaning more material to work with when cleaning up.

You can scent these with a little lavender oil (diluted) and keep some in your changing bag.

Known for being anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, bamboo wipes might be the best way to go when buying reusable baby wipes.

Made from 50% bamboo and 30% cotton, these soft wipes are double-sided and great for when you're out and about.

Imse + Vimse is known for its zero-waste and reusable textile products for adults and children. It was founded in 1988 by a mother who wanted natural textiles for her baby as a remedy for her eczema.

If you're worried about stains, these reusable wipes could be the ones for you.

They are made from 100% organic black cotton flannel and are soft and absorbent. Just soak them in water and once finished, pop them in a wet bag and wash along with dirty nappies and other laundry.

These eco-friendly baby wipes are made from Hemp and TENCEL™, a material made from sustainable tree pulp.

They're more absorbent than cotton but still gentle on your baby's bum.

Adding to the eco credentials, every product gives back through the Kit & Kin Foundation, which helps to protect threatened rainforest across the globe.

These Alva wipes work well for babies' bums, faces, hands, and also work as make-up removal wipes for adults.

The set includes 10 double layer bamboo wipes and a cute mini waterproof storage bag.

There's also the option to get additional wipes and a mesh bag to wash the wipes in to reduce the risk of them getting stuck in your washing machine filter or pump.

Like reusable nappies, washable baby wipes can be cleaned in the washing machine at temperatures 40°C or 60°C.

It's best not to wash with fabric softener or biological detergent as this can irritate a baby's skin.

With newborns, you might only need one wipe per nappy change — if a newborn uses 20 reusable nappies then this would be 20 washable wipes.

However, as your baby grows and creates more mess, you might need to double or triple the number of wipes you own.

As the majority of packs carry 10 wipes, you might need to purchase three packs.

It could be use as simple as cutting up face cloths, but make sure they are cotton rather than microfibre. Bamboo is another great choice of material.

You can also sew two bits of fabric together to make double-sided baby wipes.

Get yourself two tupperware boxes to keep the wipes in—one for clean and one for dirty. You can also use essential oils—lavender for clean and tea tree for dirty.

We love the organic cotton wipes by Imse + Vimse — organic cotton needs less water to grow, making it a very eco-friendly plant. We also like the Tots Bots bamboo washable wipes.

The starter kit from Cheeky Wipes has everything you could possibly need, removing all the confusion around going cloth over disposable.

We've designed Sun Selects to help you to find the best products that won't break the bank.

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