Sushi Loca, Auntie Anne's, FireRock on Dirty Dining

2022-03-11 08:42:55 By : Ms. Kelly Li

LAS VEGAS (KTNV) — We've got a lot to dish up in this week's Dirty Dining: Rats and roaches at Auntie Anne's & Cinnabon in the Meadows Mall, bugs in the booze at FireRock Steakhouse, and lots of demerits at Sushi Loca.

Our report begins at Sushi Loca on Centennial Center Boulevard and Tropical Parkway. It got a 38-demerit "C" grade on its Feb. 23 inspection.

This is the second Sushi Loca location to be on Dirty Dining.

Inspectors found expired sushi rice.

A food handler cut raw chicken, then touched a clean sushi rice wood bowl without washing hands.

Another employee handled dirty dishes, then clean ones without handwashing.

There was a box of rotten tomatoes in the walk-in cooler.

Two containers of shrimp had to be thrown out due to unsafe temperatures.

Egg batter, raw chicken and raw beef were stored above ready-to-eat vegetables.

Meat was thawing in lukewarm standing water.

The cutting board was excessively grooved, stained and no longer cleanable.

Walk-in cooler walls were excessively rusted.

The floor under the soda and ice machines was excessively dirty.

The ceiling above the cook line had excessive smoke damage and several tiles were falling apart.

Our call requesting comment was not returned.

Auntie Anne's Pretzels & Cinnabon at the Meadows Mall drew inspectors' attention on Feb. 23 because of a customer complaint.

The customer saw a rat run across the floor when getting food.

The person in charge told inspectors they'd caught a rat the day before and notified pest control.

Inspectors found rodent droppings on dishes in clean storage, in multiple boxes of paper goods that would be in direct contact with food, on top of boxes of food, and on floors in food prep areas.

There was also evidence of gnawing on boxes.

The restaurant was shut down for the imminent health hazard of a rodent infestation.

As if rats aren't enough, inspectors also found a live cockroach in a food prep area.

We were unable to reach anyone for comment.

FireRock Steakhouse on Centennial Center Boulevard and Azure Drive saw its bar briefly shut down Feb. 24 for the imminent health hazard of no hot water.

Inspectors also found fruit flies inside a liquor bottle.

Soda nozzle caps were moldy, as was the bottom of the glass cooler, and there was broken glass in that cooler near mouthpieces of glasses.

FireRock's bar was re-inspected the same day and received a zero-demerit "A" grade.

A manager told us the issue with the hot water was repaired while the inspector was still on site, but admits they failed to self-close and notify the Health District as required when there's an imminent health hazard.

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